Work with me to create entrepreneurs’ business models:

  •  Business knowledge and professional structures·
  • Securing finance – tap into sources of finance, such as foundations and specialized venture capitalists.
  • Finding new solutions to existing social problems

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Social entrepreneurs walk with open eyes, identify social problems and develop entrepreneurial ideas to fix them.

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Markus helps you to avoid cold water surprises

  • Are timelines realistic
  • Do you have the right people to do it
  • Reduce blood pressure


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Want to test waters before jumping into business or self employment?

Photo by Andre Guerra on Unsplash


“I equip current & future Social Entrepreneurs with business skills and the mental strength to improve people’s lives.
The elemental human desire to do good based on strong commercial principles makes an effective Social Entrepreneur.
Let’s work together to solve social problems using entrepreneurial skills.”

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Problem identification: Can this be done better?

Status-quo analysis and identification of alternative  solutions.

It can be done better and that’s how we want to do this.

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The Nitty Gritty: Creating the business model

How can your idea for a product or service can be developed and better adapted?
Who would the customers be?
How can your offer create added value?
What are the costs?

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Make it happen: Execution and Finance

Roll-out and testing of potential idea testing.

Checking of finance options such as loans, grants and donations.

Setting up network support and ongoing mentoring.

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Sick and tired of the same old advice from back

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Experience the joy of business success through business planning that feels like an All Black victory
Want to reclaim the lifestyle you always dreamed of?

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