8 Insights to Finding the Right Business CoachSeptember 18, 2018 | Markus Schwarzer


Business Coaching is booming. More and more coaches are vying for a slice of the cake

It is increasingly difficult for anyone looking for a good Business Coach.

Separating the wheat from the chaff is not easy. Additionally, professional qualifications and the necessary experience are not clearly defined.

Everyone can call themselves a Business Coach. So often, the proof lies in the pudding.


Here are 8 Insights:

1 Business Coach Competencies. 

A must have is hands-on, field-proven business experience.

I am referring to practical experience. Not from books, uni or MBA courses. Business know-how gained at the coal face.

A Business Coach must understand the complex relationships that makes business successful.

2 Business Coach Attributes.

Professional business coaching is based on three core attributes:

  • coaching competence (listening, building relationships, asking questions)
  • professional competence (such as leadership, communication, project management) and
  • personal competence (self-knowledge, self-confidence, inner balance).

In essence: professional attitude, basic methodological and communication skills.

3 An effective Business Coach has Attitude.

The client needs a real counterpart. A person who knows ups and downs. Who works continuously on his/her own development and who can communicate openly.

Recommended personality traits:

  • Empathy
  • Curiosity
  • Creativity
  • Systemic thinking
  • Willingness to confront tough issues
  • The ability to motivate people and open new perspectives

Supporting the client in developing his or her own path.

A Business Coach is more a development worker than a teacher.

A Practioner. Not an Educator.

4 Coaching process elements.

First and foremost, it’s about creating a working alliance between client and coach.

  • getting to know each other
  • clarifying the goals for the coaching
  • the financial and time frame
  • decision to work together.

5 Preliminaries.

This usually takes place in a preliminary talk.

The coaching itself often proceeds as follows:

  1. First, the vision or the goal is developed
  2. At this point, the client and the coach are clear, if they are able to work together

This is about opening new perspectives and finding new ways.

The next step is to develop the resources and capabilities that are critical to this project.

Afterwards, first steps are developed. This enables the client to implement this into his or her everyday life.

6 Keeping track.

Correspondingly, an effective coaching process is to draw up an interim review.

To examine the defined goals with the client .

We all know, it easily happens that you lose yourself in everyday life issues and not move forward.

What does success look like? Easy, when you reach your goals. That’s why goal clarification is so important at the beginning of coaching.

7 Every Human has blind spots.

The coach is most likely to recognize these blind spots. Because they can become show stoppers. Internal and external conflicts require compromises.

This is a crucial point for the success of coaching. It requires a high degree of sensitivity and attention. It can be delicate, Oh yes.

in short, problems will always arise. It’s like an (temporary) obstacle blocking the way.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the problem does not obscure the goal.

Not dealing with the problem will lead to a dead end. Sooner or Later.

8 Techniques and Methods.

Due many years of experience, my tool case is well filled.

Finding the technique(s) that best fits the client and his/her goals

One of my key strengths is to challenge and encourage clients to develop their own unique path to success.

Likewise, honest feedback plays an important role. I enjoy working with visualization techniques and painting pictures to tackle issues from a completely different angle.

It is important to me that it is a living process that leads to success. Why bother otherwise?

Moreover, it is fun. That’s why we laugh a lot in our coaching sessions.

How do you find the right Business Coach?

Above all, before Hiring a Business Coach Make Certain Their Skills Match Your Goals.

  • Listen to recommendations
  • Set up a preliminary interview
  • Validate the experience and references.

in conclusion, the best Business Coach does not exist. Find the RighBusiness Coach for you and your particular circumstances.



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