What does Markus do?

Markus works with small business and the self-employed to:

  • generate more demand for Products or Services
  • increase Cash Flow
  • improve Lifestyle/Work balance
“The key to success is building effective business structures.  
That, in turn, helps to get the work-life balance monkey off your back.”
Markus challenges business owners:
  • look beyond own perceived limitations
  • identify opportunities that you never previously dared dream of
  • reduce the cash flow pain through proper financial structures

 “A fresh pair of eyes is great to re-ignite opportunities.  Get that Business Plan done now, and conquer to world.”

His enthusiasm brings back the Joy of business success – guaranteed!


Are results guaranteed?

5 Commitments you can expect when you hire Markus:

  • You get me as your business advisor; you are not relegated to anyone else, ever.
  • You will be the beneficiary of everything I’ve learned from the companies I’ve successfully worked, coached, consulted with, and mentored over the past 25+ years.
  • Together we will confidentially delve into your business.  This will get us clarity as to where you are, where you want to go, and what could stop you.
  • You will get pragmatic advice for handling your specific situation and taking the right steps to achieve your goals “10X” better than competent colleagues do it.
  • You’ll see gains very quickly, if you follow my advice.

How quickly will you see results?

Within the first 30 days. It is worth stating though, If you have been in business for a while you will know that ‘quick fixes’ don’t work. 

Meaningful improvements take time.  You will however see small improvements in your business each month which add up to significant gain overall.

What sets Markus apart?

  • Practical hands-on business experience at the coalface
  • In-depth understanding of business challenges
  • Ability to transfer knowledge and tools from him to you.  So you to have more time for your family and friends

Is it strictly confidential?

Absolutely.  Markus’ code of ethics strictly forbids him to discuss your business with anyone.
Client confidentiality is guaranteed and forms part of the engagement process

How many clients reach their goals?

Markus works ‘glove in hand‘ with his clients.  Through his detailed guidance most clients reach their goals.

Furthermore, fees are based on your Unconditional Satisfaction.

If you don’t feel full value was received, you can decide how much value you received.  And pay only that or nothing at all.


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