My Story

Rugby ball and passArrival

Arriving in New Zealand from Berlin, then a city behind the infamous wall, I came face to face with a nation excelling in playing Rugby. Coming from a soccer crazy country, this took some time to fathom.

I was mesmerised by the New Zealand All Blacks. The way they achieved huge sporting success over many decades.  Their finely tuned Processes. Processes they improved and honed over and over again.  And delivered when it counted the most.

Cost & Management Accounting

This inspired me throughout my financial career and life over the next 25 years. My guiding torch was Cost and Management Accounting. It lends itself to developing user-friendly reporting particularly for non-accountants. I specialised in Capital Projects, Activity Based Costings, Value Chain Analysis and Financial Reporting (Dash boarding).

Factory PlantHelping Manufacturers

It’s very rewarding to help manufacturers that they can hold some Measurable Benefit in their hands, that really improves their Cash-Flow.
Sure, not every project is a winner, but the appeal of having a tangible impact drives me to excel for my clients.


Processes & People

People. Changing processes for the better is one thing but the parallel change in people often proves much more difficult. People can be very complicated beings, because expectations vary a great deal.

With financial KPIs/Dashboards, there’s one lens, and you look straight through it, so one can mange those expectations.

Cash Flow coinsAll Roads lead to Cash-Flow

Poor Cash-Flow not only leads to business failure. I have seen the human face at first hand; it makes business owners (and their families) very unhappy.


Impact on People & Communities

The impacts of negative Cash-Flow can be enormous: high stress levels and helplessness. Many times resulting in partnership disagreements and even long term health issues.

Likewise the negative impact of failing business can have on communities with significant loss of living standards and job opportunities.

Sustainable Communities

Prior to coming to New Zealand, I spent 2 years in Israel, working on a Kibbutz. It taught me that what benefits the Individual ought to benefit the Community.

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