About Markus


Arriving in New Zealand from Berlin. Then a city behind the infamous wall, Markus came face to face with a nation excelling in Rugby. Coming from a soccer crazy country, this took some time to fathom.

The Far North

Markus worked and lived in the Far North for the last 5 years. In addition, the climate is great. The Maori culture well embedded and communities are close knit.  Although the ‘winterless north’ is clearly fips.

Helping Business Communities to thrive

Not everyone is an expert in business. But usually people are experts in some other field.  That’s where Markus jumps in:

  • Taking the pain out of setting up business structures properly
  • Lending a hand to get more customers through the gate

Furthermore, the appeal of having a tangible impact drives Markus to excel for his clients.

Business failure. Impact on People & Communities

Markus has seen it at first hand. It makes business owners (and their families) very unhappy.

The impacts of a negative Lifestyle can be enormous. High stress levels and helplessness follows.  

Many times resulting in partnership disagreements. And even long term health issues.

Likewise the negative impact of failing business has significant on communities. Loss of living standards and job opportunities. Particularly for our young folks.

Thriving Communities

As a young chap, Markus spent 2 years in Israel on a Kibbutz. It taught Markus what benefits the individual ought to benefit the community

Essential for a thriving Far North.


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