About Markus


I know the exhilarating heights and the painful lows of business.
And I know how those ups and downs extend to our communities.

That’s what drives me on my mission for the Far North.

Living here is a dream – the weather is great (even if it’s not truly ‘winterless’) and our close-knit communities are rich in Maori culture.

But the Far North has a reputation as the poor cousin of New Zealand. I reject that. We have so much potential and creativity to tap into.

Seeing our communities thrive demands a solid foundation built on trade, and that’s where I come in.


I’d love nothing more than to help your business win more customers, explore new markets or deal with the numbers, so you can work with confidence into the future.

I’m a sucker for well set up business structures, because I know that’s a precursor for a successful formula.


My professional background includes business development and financial reporting at a senior level.

I have a Bachelor of Commerce from the prestigious Berlin School of Economics and Law.


I’m determined to leave no business behind. So whether you’re struggling for cash flow, mental energy or enough free time to spend with whanau and friends, get in touch.

Let’s work together to raise the fortunes of your business and the whole Far North.

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