Problem identification: Can this be done better?

Status-quo analysis and identification of alternative  solutions.


” It can be done better and that’s how we want to do this.”


Status quo analysis means looking at the social problem from all angles. The purpose of the analysis is to gain clarity of the problem/issue·

  •  In which sector is the problem?
  • Who is already working on the problem?
  • Are they public or private institutions?
  • What approaches do other organizations and social entrepreneurs use?
  • What solutions have been tried?
  • Are there possible partners?
  • Who can help implement and promote one’s idea?
  • How can co-operations look like?



In contrast to conventional entrepreneurship, it is not be about competition, but about sharing and achieving goals together. Networking and making each other aware of one another can make a significant contribution to success and make it easier to get started.