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Companies Markus Has Worked With

Testimonials From Happy Customers

    “Markus Schwarzer has been conducting short courses in different aspects of Financial Literacy training within the Hokianga community, as part of Council’s ongoing Resilient Economies Incubation work. Markus has shown a unique talent in his ability to engage and instruct a wide range of students of varying ability, and high levels of innovation in adapting basic business principles to the life experience of his students. Council is grateful for the work Markus has put in to the Hokianga community by way of community and economic development and note that much of it has been as a volunteer.”

    - Ken Ross, Community Development Advisor, Far North District Council

    “The support that Markus provided to us was excellent and at a very critical time during the financial year where reporting and final year figures was required,  he not only personally attributed,  but also lead his team to provide support to my team. His personal commitment and humble attitude to clarify accountant terminology to us as a bunch of technical engineering minded people was very helpful to us and was greatly appreciated”

    - Henri van Zyl, Roading Manager, Northern Traffic Alliance

    “We've really appreciated your services. In particular, I really appreciated your commitment to getting month-end finished regardless of the time. I really noticed how you stayed calm under pressure also.”

    - P Emmerson, Financial Controller - John Deere/Waratah NZ

    “Markus was very knowledgeable and a great fit for our team.”

    - A Bronckhorst, Accounting Manager - John Deere/Waratah NZ

    “Markus showed that he has great accounting knowledge. He used his skills & experience to enhance and improve reporting, monthly scorecards, and dashboards.”

    - R Lance, Manager Financial Systems - Auckland Council

    “Markus provided valuable input into our process improvements - his tools and advice led to significant cost reductions.”

    - E Signal, Managing Director - Bay Leaning Academy

    “Markus provided significant input…by providing innovative cost accounting support, and through sheer hard work, in analysing operations and in projecting the effects of proposed improvements and change.”

    - A Williams, Manufacturing & Engineering Manager - 3M

    “Markus….his strength is that he is definitely a change agent – he is very good at driving new principles and developments, particularly of continual improvement, through an organisation.”

    - A MacKay, Consultant Financial Services - OPAL Consulting

    “….very impressive, well presented 2 days. Thanks heaps.”

    - K Daine, Operator - Tegel Foods

    “Markus…thanks from the Tegel team….For the information you have given us, we are truly grateful. You have made our journey that much easier.”

    - D Tamaiparea, Operator - Tegel Foods

    “Dear Markus…you played a key strategic role in facilitating the Reorganisation of the operators and driving a process of increased ownership and accountability. You have provided…Invaluable facilitation and team development support to individual work units. The result of your work is that we now have a strong base and foundation for change, and have achieved significant improvements in safety, quality and production.”

    - P Chrisp, Performance Manager - Wood Processing Unit, Fletcher Challenge Paper & G Warren, Union Delegate - Pulp and Paper Union

    “The quality of the content, material and facilitation style was excellent.”

    - C Lincoln, People Development Manager - Fletcher Challenge Building

    “Dear Markus - Thank you for successfully completing the assignment at Fletcher Challenge Forest and, particularly, for your flexibility in handling the situation after the departure of the site manager. ….feedback from the client was very good. You were given an excellent rating…”

    - J Buchanan, Executive Leasing

    “Dear Markus…I’m truly delighted that you put the effort in – thank you and well done.”

    - C Liddell, Chief Executive Officer - Carter Holt Harvey

    “Markus…undertook many projects providing simplicity, improving reporting and feedback to many levels within the organisation.”

    - A McSkimming, General Manager - Amcor Australia

    “Your commitment and resolve to make a move forward to create a better working environment to the benefit of us all and was especially pleasing to note.”

    - R Glucina, CE - Fletcher Challenge - Pulp & Paper South and Asia

    “Markus… developed improved reporting systems for energy use and management at CHH Pulp & Paper sites. He sees the bigger picture necessary for these reports as well as ensuring the details are provided in a timely and accurate manner.”

    - L Haugh, Energy Manager - Carter Holt Harvey Pulp & Paper

    “...Markus was hired as Finance Manager in order build a financial framework in the early phases of the very large and important BMW Global Storage programme...I got to know Markus as a very interested, committed and easy to work with professional.”

    - D Bertschinger, BMW Program Director - Hitachi Data Storage

    “...I can highly recommend Markus - he knows his stuff.”

    - H Braun, High Level Management - AUDI AG

    “Markus...proved to be very supportive and played an important role in leading analysis on key issues such as catering and transport.”

    - B Whitcher, Managing Director Tasman Pulp and Paper Company