Running out of cash is every business owner’s nightmare. I work with small and medium sized manufacturing businesses to increase the ability to manage & plan future cash requirements based on your business activity to avoid insolvency.

Tailored know-how to reduce Cash Flow Stress for small and medium sized manufacturers. Know-how used by some of the most successful Manufacturing companies worldwide.


The secret tool that your competitors don’t use (at least not yet).

Take action: This tool gives you a step-up over your competitors.

What does the tool deliver?
  • Breaks down process activities and reveals pockets of inefficiencies
  • Identifies overlapping processes that point to wasted resources
  • Checks your cost position to your competitors
  • Confirms if you are as good as you thought you were compared to your competitors
  • Hones the critical parts of your internal organisational processes
  • Activity Chain Analysis Case Study

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    What price would you place on identifying project success before you start: $20k; $500k; $1m?

    Put your project to the test with the Project Success Indicator and reduce the likelihood of project failure. This tool is used by top European project managers.

    The tool saves you a lot of money before your project start:
  • Are projected timelines realistic
  • Do we have the right people on the project team
  • What is attitude of the organisation towards the project
  • Is there sufficient management commitment
  • And what is the required effort to lift the project off the ground
  • Project Success Indicator Case Study

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    Want to grow your business? Different ideas about the how to?

    The Cost Benefit Analysis tool helps:
  • to make better and more cost effective decisions - reducing risk in a world of uncertainty
  • to enable testing alternatives before any definite decision are made, so the cash is spend where it makes the biggest impact
  • to identify more value creating opportunities to increase margins achieve and/or better use of limited resources
  • Cost Benefit Analysis Case Study

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    All the above tools are available for Downloading with optional 1 to 1 support.

    The tools can be accessed instantly and are ready to deliver results to the bottom line.

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