Thinking like Jack Reacher improves Cash FlowJuly 2, 2017 | Markus Schwarzer

Jack Reacher drawingDo you know Jack Reacher?

The 6.5”, 250 lbs, hands like coal shovels, protagonist in Lee Child’s bestselling books.

Reacher’s main chareteristics are an unorthodox investigative style. And his ability to rile his opponents.

He solves problems in , shall we say, unusual ways. Often with significant body counts. And Reacher thinks outside the box.

Is a 20% Reduction in Outgoing $ Cash in 60 Days possible?

Yes it is.

                                                                                  How so?

20% cash flow savingsThink outside the box. Think like Jack Reacher.

Be determined. Be focused.

Fire bullets like Reacher.




Example: Paying Suppliers

3 Steps cost reduction


In Summary

The Reacher Bullet approach works. Take the time to really focus on Supplier Costs:

1 Get organised. It does not take much.

2 Do it. Don’t delay and start. Document and review.

3 Get the Benefits. Notice the cash outflow improvements

⇒20% cash outflow reduction in 6 months. Or better.

⇒It works. I have seen the Cash Flow Grin. 😀 

I want the Cash Flow Grin too!


















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